“Sitting in traffic cost $461B in 2016.” The header for this LinkedIn trending topic sums up the financial and economical epidemic that is causing a world-wide crisis, and the $461 billion only included total costs from the U.S., the U.K., and Germany. According to Citylab, who quoted from the largest study of global vehicular traffic that was performed by the transporting consulting firm INRIX, in the U.S. alone “congestion cost $305 billion last year, an increase of $10 billion from 2016.”

 Getting even closer to home, Florida’s own big city, Miami, had a total cost of $6.3 billion, which breaks out to a total cost of  $2,072 per driver. Preceding Miami as #4 on the list of cities whose traffic takes the biggest economic toll, is Atlanta, GA, with a $7.1 billion total cost and $2,212 cost per driver. Even Orlando, FL made the list at #25 with a total cost of $1.4 billion and $1,366 total cost per driver.

Citylab says costs are calculated by “the lost productivity of workers sitting in traffic, the increased cost of transporting goods through congested areas, and all of that wasted fuel, among other factors.” That being said, sitting in traffic can not only take an economic toll, but an emotional one as well, as individuals miss out on family time, special occasions, and other life events.

With that in mind, developers like ICON Residential are working to increase home buying options that are in locations with high “walkability” scores. Home buyers can review a neighborhood’s “walkability” score from sites like Walk Score, whose scores are based on factors like the environment, communities, surrounding schools, parks, and workplaces. Even the street style and design for pedestrians are taken into consideration.



ICON’s communities such as The District on 9th in St. Petersburg, walkability score of 90, and SoDo Place in Orlando, walkability score of 81, are blocks away from hundreds of local business, eateries, and shopping centers, giving residents the option to live traffic-free for most of their urban activities. ICON’s Westshore Village is a short walk away from the International Plaza Mall, the Westshore Business District, and several popular eateries sitting in a prime location for active living. According to Walk Score, walkability offers residents a range of benefits from improving their health to improving their finances. Check your city’s walkability score here: https://www.walkscore.com/walkable-neighborhoods.shtml