Rooftop living is not something most future townhome owners expect to have. Enter ICON Residential and yes, they got the memo about trendy urban living. With a majority of their communities featuring coveted rooftop terraces, here’s a quick guide on how homeowners are making the ultimate experiences from their roofs!

Barbeques: Where space is lacking, the rooftop terrace is the PERFECT place for your outdoor barbecues, especially since a majority of ICON’s rooftops come with option to add built-in outdoor grills. If you love to entertain, having a sitting area next to the barbecue in the open air is a great way to be the hostess with the mostest for your guests.

Brews: Speaking of being the hostess with the mostest, everyone loves a nice refreshing beverage when the weather is warm and the air is crisp. Not only do some of the rooftop living spaces feature built-in grills but built-in mini fridges are also an option, along with a wetbar landing before you reach the rooftop space. Say whaaaaat? Mini fridge + wetbar + your favorite brew or wine = A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Views: Let’s be honest, the best thing about rooftop living is being able to show off the beautiful views! Whether your townhome is at Mondrian Winter Park with views of Lake Killarney, or overlooking the pool and the clear blue skies at Westshore Village, the views are the reason you chose rooftop living.