In ICON’s townhomes, most 3+ story residences, feature a spare room on the first floor that is open to the realm of possibilities. Here are 4 uses for the spare room in your home that don’t quite have dedicated purposes:
1 | Home Office/Studio
    If you’re a young professional, having a home office or studio can give you a designated space to tackle work that “accidentally” follows you home, if you don’t already work from home that is. Having a separate space for work can help you creatively and gives a great — and probably much needed — live-work balance to your home.
2 | Media Room
    A media room is great for families or those looking to create a separate space dedicated to entertainment, whether it be to play music or as a theater room for watching movies. The ICON townhomes feature the spare bedroom on the bottom floor, making it perfect for keeping louder noises away from the rest of the home. And concrete block walls help keep them away from neighbors. A popcorn maker is a great addition to any room — just saying.
3 | Home Gym/Yoga Studio
    The weather doesn’t always allow for an outdoor workout or a ride/walk to the gym, so turning your spare room into an area focused on fitness is a great way to bring health and home together. In addition, having a home health space makes it easy for you to access your favorite power shakes or workout smoothies. If workouts aren’t really your thing, create a home Yoga or Zen studio instead.
4 | Storage Room
    While the garage is a go-to space for most people, the sometimes moist (yes moist) atmosphere that some garages take on tend to make it not so great as a storage location. If you have family keepsakes that you need to keep organized and out of the way, transform your spare room into a storage space.
    The best part about it being your home is you can always change the space to fit your lifestyle as you change. What would be your ideal use for your spare bedroom? A library? An art studio? A music room? Possibilities abound!