If you have an outdoor space that is either small or a frequently used space at your home, decorating and layout can mean everything! Here are some great tips for making your outdoor space comfortable, cozy, weather-proof, and entertaining-worthy.

If your outdoor space is small, try designing the layout of your space with “bistro” styled furniture. Bistro-styled being weatherproof wicker outdoor furniture that is easy to shift around and comes in a stylish set that can stand to be outside for an extended period of time. You also want to look at multi-functional furniture pieces like bar carts that can double as a plant stand or end table.

Adding curtains to your outdoor space can also add a softened, cozy feeling to your space. If you have a pergola or balcony awning, draping light sheer curtains can also provide a bit of shade. If your space doesn’t have somewhere to hang things from, try a sunbrella for extra shade and protection from both light rains and light rays. Bring in some greenery with hanging or potted plants to add some depth to small balconies or patios, and you could even add a small herb or vegetable garden. Add a rug and outdoor pillows to up the cozy-comfort factor.

If you tend to use your outdoor space for entertaining, be sure to have plenty of comfortable seating and standing areas. If you like to lounge, add an outdoor TV, water feature, or sound system to help you and your guests relax. The sound system can play calming notes or your favorites dancing music; either way a speaker system is a must-have for your outdoor space. If electronics aren’t an option for you, you could add a grill, fire pit, or mini bar to help bring your party outside!
Making the most of the space can also mean transforming the space into something that relates to your lifestyle. If you like doing yoga, you can transform your outdoor space into a yoga studio, or an art space if you’re an artist, or a gardening space if you have a green thumb, and so on! It’s your home, so design the space with what makes you happy!