Tampa businesses and residential neighborhoods are back on the rise. With new jobs and wider range of residential housing coming to the area, Tampa is seeing a rise in its job markets and residents. According to an August report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reported by the Tampa Bay Times, “Tampa Bay had one of the fastest growing job markets of its peer group, outpaced only by neighboring Orlando. In fact, the two regions lead the entire nation in job growth.”
Through developing 11 communities in the state of Florida, ICON Residential has not only influenced the housing market but has in-turn become one of Tampa’s many businesses in need of a larger workforce. From Project Managers, to Sales Agents, ICON has hired over 30 new employees since November of 2017.

That number is only expected to increase as some of ICON’s Tampa communities such as Westshore Village are expecting huge additions to the community. One expected addition in Tampa will add to the already flourishing Westshore Business District, where ICON’s Westshore Village is located, as MetWest International signed a lease for an additional 150,000 square feet, enough space for a new 10-story office building.

Water Street Tampa will bring 50 acres of rental and for-sale residential, entertainment, and retail space to downtown Tampa, introducing the first new office towers — 2 million square feet worth — to grace downtown Tampa in nearly 25 years.

Not to mention the new Tampa Bay Rays stadium that is expected to grace the downtown area right next to Ybor City, now affectionately nicknamed Raybor City. With several new developments, Tampa is welcoming new home buyers and job seekers in all of its boroughs.