You might notice when looking at each ICON community, the floor plan names are either easily recognizable or somewhat of a mystery. A majority of the communities feature around four or five unique floor plans to choose from while The Chelsea Westside has a whopping nine floor plans to match Atlanta’s big personality. With a total of well over 68 floor plans, have you ever wondered how each floor plan got it’s name? Where do names like Composition 1, Cossitt, or Agave even come from?
    While a few communities’ were a larger collaborative effort, the greater part of the floor plan names came from ICON’s Marketing Coordinator, Lily. Lily is one of ICON’s first employees and has been naming the communities’ floor plans for over three years. Her inspiration usually comes from the surrounding locations of each community. So the Westshore Village community, for example, has floor plans named after Tampa’s boroughs, districts, and notable spots — the result being Bayshore, Centro (Ybor City), Channelside, Heights (Tampa & Seminole), SoHo, Hyde Park.
    Her first floor plan naming happened in collaboration with founding partner, Ryan, for the SoDo Place community. SoDo’s floor plan names were inspired by different means, channeled by the state of New York partially because ICON’s two other founding partners Mike & Peggy lived in New York City at the time and also because the founders were heavily influenced by the lifestyle and atmosphere of New York.
“My favorite community to name was between Artisan on Main and Irving on Park, those two have cool stories behind them. The Irving floor plans were inspired by the community’s namesake, architect Irving Gill, and they were named for his most famous architectural works. It’s very different and not so obvious unless you do the research.”
    Artisan on Main’s floor plans are based on the works of several artists who have collections in The Ringling Museum of Sarasota. The Ringling is such a staple of Sarasota, founder and Ringling brother, John Ringling at one time owned 25 percent of Sarasota’s total area.
    “John Ringling and the Ringling Brothers submerged themselves into the culture, architecture, and historic landscapes of Sarasota, they loved art and the mission of the museum,” Lily added. “It was a great way to honor that.”
    When explaining each floor plan name to the partners, Lily describes the research and consideration put into each name, her excitement is evidenced by her telling of the stories behind the names.
“I love taking the time to do the research for each name,” Lily explains. “Some names are just a reflection of the city a community is located in. I named the Honeymoon floor plan at Gramercy Court because I simply love visiting Honeymoon Island State Park and I think it’s a great reflection of Dunedin as a city.”
    In an effort to add community to each community, all puns intended, ICON has considered allowing potential and future residents to submit floor plan names. Keep an eye out on our social media channels to learn how you can help name the next set of community floor plans.