1 | Storms
If you’re from Florida, you’re probably a pro at sitting through Cat 3 & 4 hurricanes, you take them as a champ and proudly wear your flip flops regardless. But for those new to Florida and for home owners it’s still nice to know your home has a solid foundation that can withstand up to 250 mile-per-hour winds.
    2 | Termites
There are a LOT of things termites eat, contrary to the popular belief that they’re interests stop at just wood. One thing termites don’t seem to care too much about is concrete, they must not have the best dental coverage.
    3 | Mold & Mildew
With the rainy summer season, humidity, and generally being close to the water, it can get moist… everyone’s favorite word. Moisture in the air can cause rot, weaken a home’s stability, and ruin properties or belongings. Concrete block allows for a reduction in moisture and water penetration, without the worry of rotting.
    4 | Fire
Concrete is naturally non-combustible, so while you can brag during parties that the “roof is on fire,” you can trust that fire is more contained with your concrete block constructions. Having concrete block can reduce fire risks and could potentially lower insurance rates.
    5 | Noise Reduction
Living in a townhome community gives you all the perks of being in a community of like-minded individuals with maintenance-free living, but that doesn’t mean you want to hear your neighbors at all hours of the night enjoying their rooftop terrace! Concrete block construction significantly reduces the amount of noise coming into your home, and if you’re the noisy neighbor who rocks out and plays air guitar, this works in your favor too!
    6 | Energy Efficiency
Since Florida has 2 seasons, your concrete block holds heat in the two weeks Florida has winter, and maintains its cool during Florida’s other season: summer. In addition, concrete walls are air-tight, keeping your AC in, reducing leaks, and preventing energy loss.
    7 | Durability
As one of the most durable materials, concrete does not rot, warp, or rust and is virtually maintenance-free.
So, if you’re buying an ICON townhome in Florida you can look forward to know your home has durable, Florida resistant, concrete block making up its construction. Check out more from Concrete Block Homes!