Your Bed – There’s just something about slinking into your own bed that instantly makes you feel like your home. Nothing against those hotel beds or guest beds, there’s just a special bond you have with YOUR bed in particular, and having it be the first piece of furniture you set up in your new home can add the instant cozy feel of comfort. Your favorite accent piece – Everyone has a piece or space in there home where they can take one deep breath and instantly relax. Maybe you have a prized painting you like to gaze at or you’ve carved out a reading nook that includes a bookshelf featuring your go-to fav books of all time, so setting up this piece next can also introduce warmth to your new home.
Inviting over your loved ones – You envisioned it when you first walked through your new home. Your family gathered in the kitchen, the overwhelming sense of joy, the sound of laughter, and a smile you can’t seem to get rid of. Joy that can only come from family or your furry, four-legged family members, or both! Having them around brings that feeling of home into your home, because home is always where the heart is! Take the time to introduce them to your reading nook, show them where the best snacks are hidden in the pantry, and show off your amazing design skills, this is YOUR home.
Uncovering the ultimate layout – Whether you have a designer or you fancy yourself one, planning the layout of your new home will both empower you and make you nod your head in agreement that yes! This is YOUR new home. You know where that chair that holds all your stuff on it needs to go for maximum efficiency. You know the exact spot to put the couch that makes it open whenever you’re ready to stretch out to watch a good show on HULU or finish that book. Adding in furniture you’ve previously bought and already love has the added benefit of instant comfort, but picking out new furniture pieces will definitely have you excited about transforming your new home into home.   Filling the fridge – Unpack those plates and forgo the nights eating take-out, just like there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed, there’s nothing like being able to walk to the fridge or pantry and find your favorite snack. Fresh fruit to revitalize your energy, sleepy-time tea to give you cozy feels, or that meal that gives you those good nostalgic vibes, having them at your fingertips will definitely make your new home feel like home. Plus, who really wants to go through the laboring task, yes it’s laboring, of deciding which takeout place to eat this time, then waiting for delivery, or even worse having to pick it up yourself! Filling the fridge turns taking a break to walk to the nearest restaurant back into a treat!