If you’re in the market for a new home and you’ve started doing your research, here are 3 helpful tools that will help to get you into the ICON townhome you’ve been looking for:
#1 FBC’s Mortgage Calculator Not only does the FBC Mortgage Calculator allow you to predict what your potential mortgage payment and options would be, it allows you to calculate early payoff, potential tax savings, and even your cost of renting vs owning. The calculator also has a debt consolidation and refinance feature.
#2 FBC’s Pre-Qualification Tool According to most lenders, agents, and brokers, getting pre-qualified for a home loan can speed up and streamline the process of getting you into your new home. A pre-qualification is an assessment that gives lenders an idea of your overall financial picture. From your debts to your income, a pre-qualification can help a lender determine what your buying power should be. A pre-qualification also is a great tool to help you determine what kind of home you can afford and how much of a loan you can get approved for. (This link is for our Westshore Village community web page, but visit any of the community pages for the pre-qualification link).
#3 Zillow Last but not least, Zillow! The Zillow website has a range of information from your new home’s history, images, pricing predictions, advice and more! It’s home to several of its own calculators and allows you to see the scope of more than just your new home, such as nearby schools, stores, and other livability factors. Zillow is a hub for all things homeowner and is a great place to get answers to your frequently asked questions.
What are your go-to tools for home-buying?