When it comes to moving into a new home, certain touches can make sure it screams YOU! Here are some awesome interior design tips from our Design Team here at ICON:
PAINT: Adding a coat of paint to your new home to complement your furniture, art, and decorative pieces is a sure fire way to bring a bit of you into a space. While most people tend to focus on painting in master bedrooms and kids rooms, having a painted accent wall in entertainment areas can liven up the space. “I wish more people got into painting ceilings! Painting a ceiling can really add a pop of color, depth, and dimension without overpowering your space,” says Bobbie, ICON’s Design Project Manager. “I think it’s great that ICON offers accent color painting for trim work as an option for homeowners, it’s something I haven’t seen with other builders.”
“Newer trends are no longer featuring that bulky and heavy brown furniture. We’re also starting to see design choices that are moving away from leathers, especially with more and more individuals becoming pet owners. Durable fabrics definitely last longer and are much easier to clean.”
Bobbie Smith

Design Project Manager

If you decide to make the leap into adding a bit of color to your space, Bobbie recommends using a flat paint as it’s easier to clean and even easier to make touch-ups.
WINDOW TREATMENTS: Window treatments can easily be an overlooked aspect of interior designing, but with the style shifting away from bulk and more toward simple and bright, it may be time to consider a new set of drapes. Try lighter and brighter fabrics, such as white linen or chiffon, to make your space feel bigger and more open. Places like IKEA even sell fixed curtain panels that expand from floor to ceiling which can drastically influence a space. “Window treatments can definitely be a mood enhancer. Being surrounded by bright, open, and breezy window treatments can return some energy to you and quite literally since more sunlight and vitamin d will be trickling in,” Bobbie notes.
FURNITURE: Even with larger spaces, interior design trends have taken a liking to decorating and furnishing with space saving in mind. So furniture that works great in a small space is seen more and more on go-to design sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Multifunctional furniture, like ottomans that double as storage units, also have become more popular among designers as they seek to create added value in every furniture piece. Every bit of space counts!  
Another major furniture trend we’re seeing among popular YouTubers and DIYers is the “juxtaposition design” movement. One of YouTuber stars Mr. Kate’s favorite decorating concepts is the juxtaposition of decorating materials, such as pairing strong wood furniture with elegant glass, or soft fabrics and plants with steel-framed shelving units. With designers like Joanna Gaines making waves in the modern rustic home look, there’s a lot of mixing happening from pairing antiques with modern pieces, to pairing different fabrics to add texture and depth to a space without making it feel smaller. Think shabby chic meets industrial architecture.   Getting design and inspo tips can help steer you in the right direction if you’re uncertain about how to decorate your new home, just be sure the style speaks to you! That being said, what is your ultimate design style and who are some of your favorite go-to designers to watch?